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​​​​Welcome to the Wholesale Business Unit (WBU) Standard Product web site, which facilitates transactions in Standard Products of wholesale electricity.

The WBU is a trading arm of the Electricity Generation and Retail Corporation trading as Synergy (further referred to as Synergy) and conducts all wholesale energy transactions on behalf of Synergy.

Standard Products are the outworking of the 'Electricity (Standard Products) Wholesale Arrangements 2014 (WA)' approved by the Minister for Energy under section 38(1) of the Electricity Corporations Act 2005 (WA), as may be amended from time to time (the SP Arrangements).

A transaction in Standard Products is a convenient way to acquire from, or sell to, Synergy prescribed volumes of electricity on specified terms and prices published by Synergy. 


To participate in transactions for Standard Products a party must:

A party may make an offer to Synergy to trade in Standard Products (a SP Transaction Offer) in accordance with the procedures set out on this website (, the Standard Product Agreement and the SP Arrangements.

Parties are able to transact in Standard Products between the hours of 10.00 am and 4.00 pm on WA Business Days.

Note: A SP Transaction Offer received outside of those hours will not be accepted. A SP Transaction Offer for a Standard Product can only be made during the Transaction Period for that Standard Product, as defined in the SP Arrangements. 

A SP Transaction Offer must be made via email to: in accordance with the Procedure for entering into transactions, dealing with limited availability and simultaneous offers. 


Emails to the Standard Products mailbox will be time-stamped and receive an automated email response acknowledging receipt. All emails will be processed in the order in which they are received.


***Current Standard Product Availability, Prices and Carbon Emission Factors*** can be found here​​.


​Please note that this web page facilitates only transactions for Standard Products. WBU also transacts in Customised Products via the RFQ process established by the EGRC Wholesale Electricity Supply Policy. To transact in Customised Products, click here.


Other Useful Information

Foundation Transfer Price Mechanism (FTPM):
The ‘Electricity Corporations (Electricity Generation and Retail Corporation) Regulations 2013 Scheme’ (Scheme) which comprises of the ‘Segregation and Transfer Pricing Guidelines 2013’ sets out transfer pricing guidelines which require Synergy to prepare a Foundation Transfer Price Mechanism (FTPM), otherwise known as the Internal Synergy Wholesale Agreement (ISWA).

The FTPM is an internal arrangement whereby Synergy determines the price for wholesale supply of electricity by the Wholesale Business Unit (WBU) to the Retail Business Unit (RBU) for retail supply to foundation customers.


Foundation customers consists of all non-contestable customers, as well contestable customers:

  • who were customers of the Retail Business Unit at the time the merger took place;
  • who have not renegotiated a contract with Synergy since the merger; and
  • who have not transferred to another retailer.
The FTPM (July 2017 to June 2020) can be found here.
The FTPM (1 July 2020 to 10 August 2020) can be found here​.
The FTPM (11 August 2020 to June 2023) can be found here​. 



If you have any further questions, please contact:

Andrew Everett ​
Manager Energy Trading
Mail: GPO Box F366 Perth Western Australia 6841

Phone: (08) 6282 7227